Terms of Service

By using Emporter, you acknowledge to have read in full, and to be bound by, Emporter’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at support@emporter.app.

1. Definitions

Young Dynasty
SARL with a capital of €1500 listed on the Registry of Trade and Companies of Paris under the number 844 433 524, with its office located at 55, avenue Marceau, 75116 Paris, France.
Folder or server on the User’s device, to be shared through the Service.
Emporter or App
Emporter software product created, maintained and operated by Young Dynasty.
Privacy Policy
Emporter’s Privacy Policy as available here.
Service provided by Emporter as described under section 5 of the Terms.
Subscription Plans
Available paid subscription plans offered by Emporter as described in section 5.2.
Terms of Service or Terms
Emporter’s Terms of Service.
User or You
Individual downloading and using the App.

2. Purpose of Terms

The Terms govern the contractual relationship between Young Dynasty and User. They define the rights and obligations of both Young Dynasty and User, and in particular the terms and conditions regarding access and use of the Service by User.

3. Acceptance of Terms

User acknowledges the following:

By using Emporter, User expressly accepts and agrees on the Terms and Privacy Policy as they are. If User does not agree with any term or condition of the Terms and/or Privacy Policy, User should not use the App.

4. Changes to the Terms

The Terms enter into force as of their publication and remain valid as long as they are available on the App.

Young Dynasty reserves the right to amend the Terms in part or in whole, at any time. In such event, Young Dynasty will prompt User through the App. In order to continue to use the Service, User shall consult the amended Terms and accept them within thirty (30) calendar days from the date on which the amended Terms were made available by Young Dynasty, subject to specific legislation requiring immediate implementation. Amended Terms are applicable as soon as User accepts them.

If User disagrees with any of the terms and conditions contained in the amended Terms, User shall not continue to use the App. Such refusal will prevent User to access and use the Service.

5. Description of the Service

Emporter is available exclusively in the Mac App Store. Apple handles all transactions.

Emporter provides User with access to service allowing them to instantly create a secure URL to Content on User’s device. Emporter works by using Young Dynasty’s server(s) as a proxy to a folder or port on the User’s device.

Each URL the service provides forwards its requests to Emporter. When Emporter receives the request, it responds based on User’s chosen configuration, by either :

The URL created, and, as the case may be, information related to User’s Subscription Plan, is hosted by Google Cloud Platform. Communication is encrypted for confidentiality and security reasons so that User may create, developed and share confidential projects with other Users.

Emporter does not store User’s Content.

5.1. Use without charge

Use of Emporter is available without charge.

Any defects or errors in the software provided to User as part of the Service might not be corrected as long as it does not prevent User from using the App.

5.2. Subscription Plans

5.2.1. Service

Purchase of Subscription Plans is available via In-App Purchases and provides access to additional services:

The maximum length of the URL name is technically 63 characters. In order to provide a better experience, there may be modifications made to the name of your URL to prevent conflicts with other Users. Please note also that the number of devices that User may use the App with at a time is limited.

Purchase of a Subscription provides User with access to the aforementioned services immediately.

5.2.2. Pricing

Subscription Plans are subject to monthly or yearly pricing. Prices for Subscription Plans are indicated within the App. The pricing automatically reflects the currency associated with User’s Apple ID.

5.2.3. Subscription Renewal and Termination

For information relating to Subscription Renewal and Termination, please refer to Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions.

6. Use of the Service

6.1. License for use of the Service

As long as User complies with the Terms, Young Dynasty will grant User with a limited, non exclusive, personal, revocable, non-sublicensable and non-transferable license in order to use the Service.

6.2. Technical prerequisites and eligibility to use the Service

6.2.1. Technical prerequisites

Access to the Service requires:

Consequently, the access and use of the Service is conditioned by the proper and particularly technical functioning of User’s equipment necessary for its use.

6.2.2. Eligibility

In order to use the Service, User shall:

6.3. Proper Use of the Service

User declares and guarantees the following:

User shall not:

6.4. Restrictions and Access Deletion

Young Dynasty reserves the right to restrict, deactivate, suspend or delete User’s access to the Service on the event of violation of the Terms or any applicable laws, rules and regulations.

User may request reactivation of their access by contacting support at support@emporter.app.

6.5. Content reporting

Any Content that is in violation of the Terms or any applicable laws, rules and regulations shall be reported immediately to Young Dynasty via our Report Abuse form.

Young Dynasty shall consult and assess reported Content in order to take action. If Content is in violation, the URL shall be deactivated and its User notified and blocked from using Emporter. Whatever the outcome may be, the decision will be shared with the person who reported Content.

Wrongful reporting of Content may be punished in accordance with laws and regulations in force.

7. Maintenance and updates of Emporter

Young Dynasty provides its best efforts to guarantee that the Service operates on a continuous basis. The Service is updated, as needed, to improve stability, performance and to implement new features.

Maintenance operations may prevent the use of the Service and/or access to Emporter for a limited time. Young Dynasty may not be held liable because of difficulties accessing and/or using the Service within the framework of these maintenance operations.

Information relating to maintenance operations will be available via Twitter: @EmporterApp.

8. Intellectual property

Young Dynasty reserves all of its intellectual and as the case may be industrial property rights related to the Service. All intellectual and as the case may be industrial property rights are and will remain the property of Young Dynasty or its assignees or successors. These rights apply to all programs, software, as well as all updates, new versions and copies of said programs made available to User through Emporter. User can not deduce from the mere use of Emporter any transfer of ownership.

Apart from Content, all the information is the exclusive property of Young Dynasty, which is responsible for maintenance of App and is the sole owner of the rights relating to Emporter.

The right of reproduction is understood only for purposes of representation on a single screen and is strictly reserved for private use. Any reproduction, distribution or publication for commercial or collective use without prior written agreement of Young Dynasty is prohibited.

9. Disclaimer

Under no circumstances Young Dynasty warrants that:

Young Dynasty provides a standard Service described under section 5 of the Terms. It is User’s responsibility to access based on this information if the Service fits User’s expectations.

No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by User from Young Dynasty or through or from the Service shall create any warranty not expressly stated in the Terms. Content downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of Emporter is accessed at User’s own discretion and risk, and User will be solely responsible for any damage to their device or loss of data that results from the download of any Content.

10. Liability

10.1. Young Dynasty’s liability

Emporter is a service providing means to share Content with or without a Subscription Plan. User is solely in charge and therefore responsible of and for Content and the entities User chooses to share it with. Furthermore, User acknowledges that Young Dynasty has no control over the transfer of data via public communication networks, such as the Internet, and the operation of these networks. User acknowledges and agrees on the fact that Young Dynasty cannot guarantee the confidentiality of the data transferred to public networks.

Young Dynasty bears no responsibility in the event of misappropriation, capture, corruption of data or any other event during the transfer of their Content on public telecommunication networks. Young Dynasty does not guarantee the compatibility of Emporter with any operating system or software other than the one mentioned under section 6.1.1 of the Terms. Young Dynasty cannot be held liable for damages resulting from the difficulties of accessing the Service due to a disruption of Internet Service Providers, or to network congestion.

Information concerning the Subscription Plan is hosted and encrypted by Google Cloud Platform.

10.2. User’s liability

It is User’s responsibility to make sure that the Content and/or the Content’s use is compliant with the Terms and with any applicable laws, rules and regulations, and that Content does not violate Young Dynasty’s and/or any third party rights.

User is liable for any violation of the Terms and any third party’s right and any law or regulation applicable.

11. Governing Law

The law governing the Terms of Service is French law.

12. Dispute resolution

12.1 Claim management

In case of dissatisfaction with the use of the Service, User may contact Young Dynasty via contact details indicated under section 13 of the Terms or via the feedback form provided for in the App. The request will be processed as soon as possible by Young Dynasty.

In case of disagreement on the proposed solution, User may contact the designated mediator.

12.2. Mediation

In the event that User’s claim is not processed in satisfactory way, User may contact a mediator at the following contact details:



73 Boulevard de Clichy – 75009 PARIS

In addition to this mediation scheme, the European Commission has set up an online platform (Online Dispute Resolution - European Commission) which aims to collect complaints of consumers residing in the EU and relating to online services.

This mediation is free for Users. User is at liberty to accept or to reject the outcome of the mediation.

12.3. Forum

EU residents may take legal action before the competent Courts under EU regulation, either those located in the consumer’s or Young Dynasty’s country of residence (France).

Non-EU residents may take legal action before the competent Courts in Paris.

13. Questions and concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about Emporter, or about the Terms, please contact us at support@emporter.app.