Create a secure URL to your Mac

Live share your local web environment anywhere, instantly

Live Share your web project anywhere, instantly

Emporter is a powerful, simple app which instantly creates secure URLs to your Mac. It has a beautiful, native interface with a complimentary command-line tool so you can share your web project(s) with anyone, anywhere, without deploying. Just point it to a directory or port on your Mac, and you're good to go.

Any changes you make are live and can be accessed from any device, network or firewall — from just a simple URL. URLs created by Emporter can be password protected and are served over HTTPS by default. And of course, it works on mobile.

It saves a lot of time (and money) by greatly simplifying your feedback loop. It only takes a minute to give it a try!

Installation (preferred)

Download the latest package from GitHub.

Installing from the command line (alternate method)

Open a Terminal and run: curl | sh

The install script will download the latest package from GitHub into a temporary directory, verify its code signature, and extract the package using the macOS installer. It's the same process as downloading it manually.

Source Code

Source code is available on GitHub. Contributions, feedback, and stars are welcome!

By the way, Emporter is free

However, subscriptions are offered to give you (and whoever you share your work with) a better experience. Don't worry, though... Emporter is cool. It won't nag you.